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The Neighborhood Of Chinatown
If you find yourself on the corner of Cermak Road and Wentworth Avenue, you’ll have little trouble recognizing which neighborhood you’re in. The sounds and smells of this area are like none other in Chicago. Of course, it's not just the egg rolls that contribute to the aroma-filled air; it's barbecued duck, steamed dumplings, stir-fried rice and an endless assortment of other Chinese fare that constitutes Chinatown's biggest attraction. Besides the great food of this colorful neighborhood, you'll also find unique boutiques full of imported gifts, tea shops, and any number of other interesting stopping points.

The entrance to Chinatown’s oldest and most-compact section is depicted by the Chinatown Gateway; you’ll know it by the ornamental street lamps and Chinese dragon carvings on the sidewalks. Space in the Chinatown area is valuable, and the neighborhood is spreading to accommodate its popularity. Chinatown Square was recently construcet and provides much-needed retail room, increasing shopping opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

The area around Cermak and Wentworth had been an Italian and Croation neighborhood, but became the Chinatown we know today when the first Chinese immigrants, almost exclusively men, arrived in Chicago in the 1870s. They made their homes around Van Buren and Clark streets, but in the beginning of the 20th century they were forced to relocate. Landlords raised rents to unaffordable levels as hostile feelings toward Chinese people grew across the nation. These days Chinatown has a population of around 10,000, many of whom speak little or no English; in fact, many Chinatown natives have rarely ventured outside the Chinatown area. Chinatown is known for its food, but the area has much more to offer, and using an entire day or weekend to take in the area is well worth the time.
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Utilities Serving Chinatown
Local Phone CompaniesAmeritech
30 South Wacker, 34th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
Electric CompaniesComEd
P.O. Box 805379
Chicago, IL 60680-5379
Gas CompaniesNicor Gas
P.O. Box 190
Aurora, IL 60507-0190
Government Offices Serving Chinatown
Drivers Licenses and Vehicle Registration/ License PlatesChicago Central Driver Services Facility
100 West Randolph, Concourse level
Chicago, IL 60601

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